“I am a mother of four, with no inclination to look good. I just want to get through the day with my sanity intact. Angela showed me that with the correct wardrobe for my lifestyle, I could still wear comfortable and practical outfits and still look my best each day. I now get dressed every day, wear makeup and look much better in only 20 minutes a day. I feel fabulous!”

Joanne Rose

Wexford, Ireland

“I thoroughly enjoyed Angela’s excellent course and highly recommend it! As I live in a different country from Angela, all our consultations were done via Zoom and email. I was concerned that this may make the process less effective, but she has seamlessly adapted her course to encompass those who are either too far away or are restricted by lockdown.

Angela is an excellent listener and was therefore able to identify my problem areas precisely, making her creative solutions more practical and successful.

The prospect of looking well put together for an event or even a “Teams” meeting left me feeling anxious and defeated. Due to my lack of insight and knowledge, I had settled on a wardrobe that was monochromatic and dull. I looked the same every day, which was not consistent with the way I felt innately.

Angela has patiently helped me to construct a wardrobe, that not only compliments me style and silhouette, but also in colour palette used. She has also taught me how to use accessories more effectively and how to dress for different occasions; everything from a relaxed outing to a ‘Smart’ function.

Initially I was a bit reluctant to try out her suggestions, but as I experimented with them daily, I started receiving compliments from friends and family about my appearance. My confidence grew and I am now enjoying putting outfits together.

Angela’s support and continuity is invaluable. Even though I have completed my course, I am still able to contact her to ask for trusted advice. I am so grateful that I have made this journey with Angela! Her effervescent personality and expertise have made it a truly valuable and worthwhile experience!”

Lizzie Curtis

Johannesburg, South Africa

“I had my consultations with Angela over a period of 8 weeks and WOW did she teach me a lot. I have never felt so confident in putting together outfits. She helped me define my style and the colours and tones that suit me. Who knew you could tweak just a few little things and feel like a new woman. I would highly recommend Angela. She is professional and fun and makes your whole journey enjoyable.”

Sharon Jackman

Edinburgh, Scotland