Boardroom Basics: € 200



4 Hours

Having the necessary foundation pieces is essential to building a stylish and professional working wardrobe. In Boardroom Basics, we will evaluate your wardrobe needs and then shop for those keystone items to get you on the road to stylish success.

Dress to Impress: € 95/Month



2 x 1 Hourly Sessions Per Month

Dressing in the right outfit for the workplace can help you to feel empowered, motivated,
creative, and confident. Dress to Impress is where we discuss and implement a fortnightly
outfit plan to help you feel professional and stylish every day and for every occasion.

First Impressions: € 50/hr



Min 1 hour

Are you going for a job interview, sales meeting, audition or first date? A good first
impression is important to creating an initial positive evaluation from others. First
Impression helps you find the appropriate outfit to help you to communicate who you are,
before you have spoken a word.

Savvy Style Boss: € 350



Pay for 7 hours and get 1 hour free

Do you want to elevate your style to the next level? In this all-inclusive package, we will uncover the true you by discovering your individual style personality, body shape and colour analysis, followed by a wardrobe edit and personal shopping. This will be an inspiring journey to a stylish you.

Wardrobe Management: € 100



2 Hours   (additional time will be charged at € 50/hr)

Having a working wardrobe means that it needs to work for you. In Wardrobe Management I help my clients to edit and organise their wardrobe according to space, season, and lifestyle. Let’s get our wardrobe be a source of daily inspiration.


Corporate Style Workshop

1. Back to Basics

• What is your Body shape
• Expressing yourself- finding your Style personality
• Importance and meaning of colour

2. Building a working wardrobe

• Wardrobe basics
• Wardrobe declutter and organising tips
• Weekly outfit planning ideas

3. Buying Brilliance

• The importance of measurements
• Key pieces / fast fashion (Price vs Quality)
• Where to buy (High Street vs online)
• Where to start

4. Becoming a better me

• Grooming
• Accessories

5. Business all the way

• Body language
• How to make a good first impression
• Interview/ meeting tips

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