Through many years of experience and life’s lessons, I believe that helping people develop their personal and professional style is key to pursuing your life and career ambitions.

Learning to be the “Boss of your own Style”, embraces finding your inner confidence and self-belief, forging a personal and professional path through achieving your goals, all while looking and feeling your best.

With more than 30 years’ experience in a multi-faceted corporate career, mainly in, what they would have called male dominated industries a few years ago. I forged a path and overcame many challenges, through sheer determination, confidence and self-belief, and always looking professional. I truly believe that my choice of professional style, knowledge and work ethic has made me aformidable woman in any position I have taken on.


But it wasn’t always like this, in my early years, the clothing I wore was dictated by my mother. As most parents do, their personality comes through when choosing clothes for their children. And boy
did it! From black velvet dresses, leather patent shoes and hair curled with electric rollers, my sister and I were always dressed impeccably. Mum always reiterated the importance of looking your best, and whether we had money or not, we always looked the part when it mattered. She always had a great eye for style.

My father has also taught me ALWAYS DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT!

In his career path he started at the very bottom but believed that he could get an office job, and eventually manage a team. His co-workers questioned him, as everyday he came to work in a suit and tie, before changing into his overalls. Through hard work and great style, he got noticed by his manager and he eventually got that job he wanted!

Through my teens and adult years, I learned the relationship between what I wore and how it made me feel, and with the teachings of my parents I started experimented in finding my own personal style. Whether I was in my thinner days or larger years, I have always understood the importance of clothing and how the fabric, fit, colour and style can shape the body and affect how you feel.

I want to help you to reach the point of self-discovery, self-love and expression, become confident and fearless.

And that is where the magic happens.”

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