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I help clients to elevate their personal style and confidence to the next level. The goal; to feel empowered at home, in the gym, in the workplace, showing them how to be the boss of their own style.

Through many years of experience and life’s lessons, I believe that helping people develop their personal and professional style is key to pursuing your life and career ambitions.

Learning to be the “Boss of your own Style”, embraces finding your inner confidence and    self-belief, forging a personal and professional path through achieving your goals, all while looking and feeling your best.

Our Services

Boardroom Basics: € 200

Dress to Impress: € 95/Month

First Impressions: € 50/hr

Savvy Style Boss: € 350

Wardrobe Management: € 100

Corporate Style Workshop


When you look your best,

You feel your best, you do your best!

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Email: info@angelwatsonprofessional.com